~ Language Help ~

~ Foriegn language Help ~

      Thank you for wanting to help... I assure you that you do not have to know anything about web publishing or the HTML language in order to help us with a good translation of our letter into your language...

      All HTML code in a web page file appears between < and > arrows... The code between the arrows cannot be changed...

      The easiest way is to open the page file into a simple text editor like notepad, and use the Cut and Paste method to change the actual page text...

      Please do not open our file into any web page editing program... Most of them save files that are three to six times longer than those I write in a simple text editor... And, removing all of thier useless unecessary code is very difficult and requires much time.

      If you use a word processor, please open our file as an ASCII text file... Save your corrected file as ASCII Text to avoid your program including page formatting, fonts, and other codes that will disable the file for the internet.

      Our English source file is usletter.htm... Be sure to save your translated version with a different filename.

      I want to help people in many countries to have fun with our license plates... There are not enough fun things that can be shared between peoples of the world... I sincerely appreciate any help you can provide.



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